Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What would your sign be?

No, not talking about that kind of sign. I don’t do that stuff. I’m talking about if you had your own restaurant or business, what sign you would put up for all your customers to read.

When I was in Los Angeles visiting my friend, we went to a Thai restaurant after her Honor’s ceremony. She hadn’t been in years since her husband isn’t keen on the place, so no biggie, I said I was up for it.

The food was decent, they were about to close so maybe they didn’t care that much but it wasn’t like it was anything they could screw up. So any way! I look over her shoulder and see this sign.

ignore the cell phone grade quality

Does someone want to explain this to me?!

The 2 most random things to not be responsible for together. Am I right!?

So, I want to hear it. What sign would you put up in your store/restaurant that you’d want your customers to know.

I’m dying to know!! Once you all tell me yours, I’ll tell you what my sign would say. Pin It Now!


Ashley said...

First, I love Thai food! So yummy! and Second, WTH?? That sign makes no sense! lol

The Blogivers said...

"Don't sass us or we'll spit in your food!"

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

hahaha, this is AWESOME!

Jennifer said...

Wow. That is crazy. I think my sign would say something like this: Please be nice. Mean people are not welcome.

I'd never really put that up though.

One of the best one's I've seen is at the post office: Failure to plan on your part does not make an emergency on our part.


Michelle said...

If I owned a restaurant my sign would say, "Don't mess with the hand that feeds you."

I worked in the restaurant industry for a VERY long time.

I never did anything to anyone's food...but the thought did cross my mind....


I promise I'm a good person!

LeAnna said...

Wow, how much more random can you get? I worked for a vet for years, and people were always aghast when we told them if they didn't like us they were more than welcome to go somewhere else. So, I'd probably have a sign that read something to that nature. ;)


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