Monday, June 13, 2011

I’m thankful for 17

Could it have been a nicer weekend? Time with my family couldn’t have been better. I was able to get my niece and nephew fix, which was nice. I hope you all had an equally nice weekend.

Today starts another crazy busy week, only to lead to another crazy busy week, but I’ll just bring myself back to today and not look too far into the chaos.

I’m thankful for great coffee time with a friend. And more that she chose McDonalds and not Starbucks. Sorry all you Starbucks lovers, I can’t quite stand it anymore.

I’m thankful for a weekend with my family. It’s been a little bit too long since I’ve seen them so it was nice to visit, relax and enjoy the time I had with them, and see the wonderful vegetable and fruit garden my mom’s growing.
Let me ask you, do you consider a tomato a vegetable or a fruit??

I’m thankful for the hope of ‘happy’ feet again. G-man had and happily took the opportunity to say, “I told you so” with knowing this Dr. would provide the hope I needed to feel it was possible and I now have the hope and can’t wait to see what the recovery will hold for me.

I’m thankful for wonderful support from friends and family for the upcoming surgery. All the well wishes I received last week really do mean a lot to me. Thank you!

I’m thankful for a confident relaxed doctor who has to be one of the easiest doctors I’ve talked to.

I’m thankful for the 2 hour nap I got 5 minutes after I woke up and made my bed. I got as far as putting my socks on to work out and next thing I pitched over on my pillows and was out. Woke up just long enough to fold the blanket over like a taco and had the best nap ever. It was needed apparently.

Happy Monday to everyone. Let’s start it off right, shall we? Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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denise* paper angels said...

oh hun you must be tired out!!! all the best for the upcoming appointment in the surgery suite!!

rebecca said...

jealous of your awesome tomato garden. if i had some outdoor space, it's the first thing i'd plant.

Katie said...

tomatoes are veggies in my book. You would never make a tomato pie would you? or put tomatoes in your ice cream or froyo? or make tomato muffins? nope. they're a veggie!

So excited for your new feet!

carissa said...

I count tomatoes as veggies. Only bc I have a hard time eating enough veggies, but I do love tomatoes!

Yay for naps! You sure did need it!

I'm glad there's hope looming on the horizon for you.

Tatiana said...

I love tomatoes! I'm so jealous that you have so many of them! I know they are fruits, but I think of them as veggies :-)
And a TWO HR NAP? I would give my left pinkie for a two hr nap!

Jennifer said...

So glad you got to see your fam! I really needed that last little reminder that I need to start off this week/day off right.

Megan said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend with the family!! And I think naps are totally better than workouts! Haha!

Christina said...

While I technically say tomatoes are fruit, I treat them as a veggie. And I have no problem with them being classified as either one! Hope you are having a great Monday!

LeAnna said...

Def. a veggie. Although I do know people who make "tomato pie" but it's savory and not sweet, and um, fruit is sweet. English language, you are confuusssssing.

Happy dancing for your soon-to-be happy feet.


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