Thursday, June 23, 2011

Butterflies affluttering

The big day is tomorrow. I go under the knife. duh duh duuuuuuh!

I’m feeling like making it dramatic today.

I told a woman last week that I was getting a boob job. She believed me and then said she thought about one too. At that point I had to come clean at which point she didn’t believe me. And then it took me and 3 others to convince her it was my feet I was having surgery on.

I’m a good liar. It’s a fine quality thing of mine.

I actually started to get butterflies at the beginning of the week thinking about the recovery. I don’t care too much about the procedure, I’m out for that. It’s the recovery I’m not looking forward to and because of me thinking about my past recoveries I started getting trepidatious (there’s no proper spelling for that word, uh weird).

The last surgery, the bandages were so tight my feet throbbed for 6 days straight. 6 days of barely able to sleep because of the pain. I pray they aren’t tight this time. But I don’t think they will be because it doesn’t sound like it’ll be anything like the last surgery.

He’s giving me dissolvable stitches. I think that’s insane!!!! I won’t have to go back to him after 10 days to remove them because..they’ll have vanished in thin air. poof  that’s crazy! Everything he’s telling me, I’m just blown away by and in awe of all the possibilities he’s claiming.

So, Mom and I are heading to Los Angeles today a little early since my sweet friend's birthday is today! And because we have a very nasty early morning ahead of us. I chose not to change the surgery time so thanks to me, I have to be at the surgical center by 6:15 AM! bleh! What was I thinking?!


I’m wanting to fixate on pretty, sooo

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Katie said...

I'm a terrible friend! I could have sworn you still had a week left til your surgery! Praying for peace, steadiness for the doc, and a healthy recovery. God is so good!

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

oh i hope and pray that your surgery goes smoothly and that the recovery is quick and easy :) blessings!!

The Blogivers said...

Will be thinking about you!

Ashley said...

I'll be praying and thinking about you Emily! Hope all goes well :)

Natalie said...

I'll be praying for you tomorrow morning and for a speedy pain-free recovery =D

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Ah! I bet you are trepidatious... I'll be praying for you!

LeAnna said...

Will be praying for you! I totally LOL'd about the boob job, though. Bunions, boobs, sheesh girl, you're so vain. ;)

GreenGirl said...

Thinking of you tonight.
Enjoy the medically induced nap! Positive vibes and light and love your way!

denise* paper angels said...

Ohhhhh!! i'm nervous for you :D but i'm sure you'll be fine. enjoy your suite. you are in my prayers (that i will be very focused in praying, ignore previous comment :p) much love!!!xx


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