Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I drive I bake I eat

These are the 3 things I’ve done most recently. Driving more than anything.

It’s getting old. Like real old.

I’m coming back from L.A today and here’s something trippy…I haven’t even left home yet…Is it a faux pas that I’m telling you I wrote this yesterday to have it ready to go?

Forgive me if it is, but I have to leave in 1 1/2 hours for L.A and my hair is still in a towel, I still have to finish shopping for a bridal shower I’m attending today and drop it off at someone’s house and wash the dishes…UGH!

I have a lot to do.

Let me correct something from yesterday…I love that many of you believed that I’m capable of growing all those tomatoes…however they are my mom’s. She is the grower of all things, NOT me. That’s her garden. She’s a growing fool! (no, I am not calling my mom a fool…)

So I baked. After 6 days straight of claiming I was going to bake banana bread. I finally did it on the last day at my parents. A heavy guilt trip may or may not have been applied, forcing my hand. In their defense, I did claim to them for 2 days that I would make them..I even brought my over over ripe bananas. Then my sister got involved on the guilting…

In short (because all of this was supposed to be short) it was awesome! Like world class awesome…

This past weekend, my mom made her famous (famous for the family any way) salsa. We live for this salsa, we breathe for this salsa. It. was. good.

She gave me some to take home in a jar. I was so excited. 1. because I got some for my very own. and 2. because it was in this jar. Don’t ask me why I was so excited for that, but I was.

Now I must continue my productivity and get on the road. Pray for me. My driving around idiots morons people who don’t know how to drive, is really testing my patience, resolve, sanity and sweet and kind demeanor.

Ooh ooh, real quick. When I was driving home from my parents Sunday night, I was miserable and angry with everyone around me and I wouldn’t talk to God about it to help. So, over an hour into it, the peeps around me were better so I was relaxing and thought of the funniest (maybe just to me) joke!

God is with you/me all the time. Everywhere you go He’s there. So I was thinking of Him in the passenger seat next to me, when I was refusing to talk to Him. When I thought about the carpool lane. If God is with me in the car right now, why shouldn’t I be able to use the carpool lane when I’m in L.A??? It’s 2 or more!! Which would make a total 4!

You know, Father, Son and Holy Spirit…

I think if I get pulled over, I may just use this. or not..

Was that a bad joke? Did you chuckle just a little bit? Shake your head at me, in a ‘wow, that’s pretty pathetic’ kind of way??

It made me chuckle and relax even more, so it helped me a bit at the time. *sigh*
Ok NOW I’m leaving.

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LeAnna said...

I ha-ha'd at your joke. But I have no idea anything about car pool lanes. Here in Okie-la-homa we're all equal. But, if you drive in the left lane and you're not passing anyone, people get kinda cranky.

Salsa in jars makes me happy. I bet it was tasty!

The Blogivers said...

Ha, wow :)

Tatiana said...

you are a bit of a dork, aren't you? But just another reason to love you more. Haha. I hope you have a safe drive and don't get too mad at those other drivers. Deep breath in and out!

Ashley said...

Mmmmmm, banana bread and salsa...yum! You should try that line next time you get pulled over! I love how you said God is with you all the time...yes indeed! I typically do most of my talking to Him while I'm driving!

Katie said...

real friends give their friends free banana bread. I'll be expecting mine in the mail any day now...

Megan said...

That salsa looks amazingggggggg!! And your banana bread, too! I'm impressed. #comecookforme


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